Universal Health Coverage Day

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) 2030:Featuring a Campaign for Universal Health Coverage Day



December 12, 2018 marked the 7th anniversary of the United Nations’ momentous united endorsement of universal health care in 2012.Annually, December 12 has been designated by the United Nation as the International Universal Health Coverage Day to rally stakeholders in calling for more equitable health systems to attain universal health coverage.


Take Action!

  • Begin plans to celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day on December 12, 2019
  • Support actions for Policymakers, civil society and individuals here and here
  • Read the Report: “Toward Universal Health Coverage: Expanding Medi-Cal to Low-Income Undocumented Adults” here
  • Promote Universal Health Coverage with UHC 2030 Advocacy Guide and Social Media Toolkit here
  • Read Health4All: Full-Scope Medi-Cal for Undocumented Adults Fact Sheet here

Additional Resources:

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