Select publications provide information in several areas important to health equity policy work. If you or your organization have publications or other resources to share, we will be happy to post them here. Please contact us at

Advocacy & Action

Cohesión social como base para politicas publicas orientadas a la equidad en salud

Cuatro cuestiones axiológicas de la epidemiología social para el monitoreo de la desigualdad en salud

Designing Effective Knowledge Networks

Desigualdades educacionales en mortalidad y supervivencia de mujeres y hombres de las Americas

Desigualdades en salud – Definiciones, conceptos y teorias

El monitoreo orientado a la equidad en el contexto de la cobertura universal de salud

Health inequalities by gradients of access to water and sanitation between countries in the Americas, 1990 and 2010

La ventaja epidemiológica de la orientación preferencial del control de la tuberculosis hacia los pobres

National Committee- Recommendations for Health Equity

PAHO Pan American Journal of Public Health – Series on Equity

Progress in reducing inequalities in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health in LAC

Social determinants and inequalities in tuberculosis incidence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Racial, Ethnic, Indigenous, Immigrant Populations

Assessing equitable care for Indigenous and Afrodescendant women in Latin America

Call to Action: interactive map of where migrants from Central America have settled worldwide

Central America immigration to the US

CFR U.S. Immigration Policy

Key facts about U.S. immigration policies and proposed changes

Migration policies

UCLA professor: call to root out racism in research

Gender Equality

FHI360: Addressing violence in HIV programs for key populations: opportunities for integration

Gender-based violence programming in contexts affected by violence and conflict

Inter-American Convention on the prevention, punishment and eradication of violence against women “Convention of Belem Do Para”

National Reports: Progress and challenges to prevent and eradicate violence against women in 28 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

New report from Promundo: masculine norms and violence: making the connections

Sex Education and Gender in Mexican Elementary Schools

Sex Education Approaches at Costa Rican Public Universities

Sex Education of Young University Students- Key Factors and Challenges

Sex Education- Teachers’ Perceptions in the City of Cuenca ’13-’14

Social Determinants of Health

Climate Change Report

Contextualizing Health and Aging in the Americas

WORLD Policy Analysis Center: Adult labor policies promoting population health: Where does Latin America stand? (2017)

WORLD Policy Analysis Center: Childhood policies promoting population health: Where does Latin America stand? (2017)

WORLD Policy Analysis Center: Education policies promoting population health: Where does Latin America stand? (2017)

WORLD Policy Analysis Center: Equality and protections against discrimination: Where does Latin America stand? (2017)

WORLD Policy Sheet – Poverty Reduction Policies Promotion Population Health: Where does Latin America stand? (2017)

Universal Health Care

How primary health care can take universal health coverage a reality, ensure health lives, and promote well-being for all

No universal health coverage without primary care

Revisiting Alma-Ata: what is the role of primary health care in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?